I live with two Basenji brothers,
Ch Serengeti Bingo and Serengeti Keeyo,
in uptown New York City, or as they see it,
I'm renting a bed in their apartment...

A Basenji is in a constant state of chronic curiosity, with the snoop radar permanently turned on, where everything must be quality (chew) tested.
Werther a new pair of shoes in the hallway or something funky smelling under a bush, everything is equally important to try out in the quest for a new discovery.
This means, anything that can be eaten will be eaten.

At early age Keeyo developed allergy to grains and corn.
Due to this I have spent substantial time looking for dog snacks that are free from grains and without chemical additives. 
Needless to say, my search proved to be a hard one.
So to make my happy tails happier, 
I decided to make my own.
Having made gelato for a couple of years, it came natural to compose a variety of dog-preferred flavors that are based on yogurt and fruits and unprocessed vegetables. 
The Frozen Forest is a subsidiary initiative by
Daytime Projects Inc, NYC